Personal Training: The best investment for your health

People decide to workout in a fitness club for many reasons, but most lack direction once they get there. To succeed, we all must have some form of roadmap that will give us a plan on how to achieve where we want to go. Your destination is your goals stating you are committed to achieving specific results. Goals are funny things – few people give them the thought or credence they deserve. And that’s why most fail.

Before starting a fitness program, that’s where we start, honing into the goals the client wants to achieve and why. Their goals tell me what kind of training program is appropriate and safe, while still working toward the end result. We also want to make sure they’re realistic for that individual.

As a personal trainer, the primary function is to make sure the program is performed correctly and is safe for the client. We start with a fitness assessment to offer a baseline of fitness and flexibility and reassess again throughout the program.

Exercise choice is suitable to the experience level of the client with an appropriate load. The idea is to push them without overdoing it. There is a lot to be said about the importance of intensity within the workout. The higher the pace, the better the results.

The end result is to adjust to the needs of the client. Everyone has their own style they respond best to. My job is to get the best out of everybody with planned sessions, coach them through any difficult movements safely and make sure they feel they’ve had a good workout. Most people lack body awareness and are very unaware on how to make their body move.

If you’ve come to that point where your time in the gym seems unproductive, we should talk and see how we can turn things around for you. Unless you’re using your club membership specifically as a social meeting tool for networking or dating, connecting with a personal trainer is the best answer to getting the most out of your workout time. Reach out to me using the contact form below.